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បាន (initverb) to have completed / done something; to intend to complete something; marker of completed action

IPA: /baanɔɔ/ stems: ន បា

មាន (initverb) indicates the accomplishment of an action, to happen to, to have occasion to

(v) to have, possess, own; to exist; there is, there are

IPA: /mien/

ជា (adj) to be well, healthy; to recover, get better; to have recovered, be healed

IPA: /cie/

ដាក់ (v) to strike, hit hard; to affect; to subject someone to; to be hard hit, suffer a setback; to have bad luck, cause bad luck; to feel unwell, have an upset stomach (esp. after eating certain fruits)

IPA: /dak/

ចុះ (v) to have diarrhea

IPA: /coh/

គ្មាន (v) not to have; there is / are not.

IPA: /kmien/

សម្រេច (p) to have done, to finish, to accomplish, to achieve.

IPA: /sɑmrac/

មានការ to be busy, occupied; to have a problem

to have business to do (with something or someone); in connection (with someone or something)

IPA: /mienkaa/ stems: មាន ការ

ប្រចាំ (v) to be kept / reserved for, be for the use / service of; to have reference to (3) + TIME WORD forms adjectival compounds eg. ប្រចាំថ្ងៃ daily, every day

ធ្លាប់ (initverb) to become accustomed to / familiar with, to be used to; to have the habit / custom of; marker of continuous action in the past

IPA: /tloap/

ធ្លាក់ (v) to fall (down); to fall / come down (of rain or snow); to have a (bodily) discharge (e.g. of blood); to fall into (some) state / condition; to fail (an examination); to reveal (e.g. a secret)

IPA: /tleak/

កើត (v) to have / suffer (from a disease), contract (an illness); to be affected (by an emotion)

IPA: /kaət/

បានឲ្យ to have given.

IPA: /baanɔɔʔaoy/ stems: បាន ឲ្យ

ទីតាំង position; installation; headquarters, administration area; to have headquarters at; to be located at

IPA: /tiitaŋ/ stems: តាំង ទី

ពិបាក (initverb) to be difficult to; to have difficulty (doing something)

IPA: /piʔbaak/

ប្រជុំ (v) to have a meeting; to gather, collect, assemble, unite, meet together; to flow together, join.

ខ្វះ (adj) to be short of, not to have, to be insufficient, lacking . eg. ម៉ោងប្រាំខ្វះដប់នាទី 10 minutes to five SYNONYM: ខ្វះដប់នាទីទៀតម៉ោងប្រាំ

IPA: /kvah/

បែក (adj) to be broken, cracked; to have a broken ... (e.g. limb); to be out in the open, revealed

IPA: /baek/

រាង (v) to learn one's lesson, to have had enough, lose the desire to do something; to stop doing something due to a previous unhappy experience.

IPA: /rieŋ/

ឈឺ (adj) to be sick; to hurt, to be in pain; to be painful, sore; to have the feelings hurt

IPA: /cʰɨɨ/

រួមភេទ to have sexual intercourse

IPA: /ruəmpʰeet/ stems: រួម ភេទ

ធម៌ (adj) to be closely tied by bonds of friendship, to have a very close relationship (e.g. as that between a young man and an older one who is considered almost like a father)

IPA: /tʰoa/

ចង់បាន to want to have

IPA: /cɑŋbaanɔɔ/ stems: បាន ចង់

ស្ទះ (adj) to have an obstruction / be blocked (esp. in anatomical system)

IPA: /steah/

ខិត (adj) to be insufficient; not to have enough; to be very poor

IPA: /kʰət/

បានឃើញ to have seen.

IPA: /baanɔɔkʰəəɲ/ stems: បាន ឃើញ

ប្រវែង (v) to have a length of ...

តានតឹង (adj) to be tense (e.g. about a situation); to have one's heart ache (from fear, yearning); to be depressed, become filled with anguish or distress

IPA: /taan-təŋ/

ខាន (v) to lack, not to have; to abandon one's plans suddenly; to be thwarted; to omit, skip (over); to neglect.

IPA: /kʰaan/

ផ្អែម (adj) to be sweet; to be pleasant; to have a good time

IPA: /pʔaem/

មានឱកាស to have an opportunity / chance

to have time / an opportunity (to)

IPA: /mienʔaokaah/ stems: មាន ឱកាស

មានលទ្ធភាព to have capability

IPA: /mienlattʰeaʔpʰiep/ stems: លទ្ធភាព មាន

ទាន់បាន to have time (for), be in time (for)

IPA: /toanbaanɔɔ/ stems: បាន ទាន់

ស្រេច (v) to complete, finish, end; to have done / finished / accomplished something.

IPA: /srac/

មានកូន to have a baby, a child; to be a parent (father or mother).

IPA: /mienkoon/ stems: កូន មាន

បារ (n) monster, scarecrow, imaginary creature believed to cause children to have nightmares

IPA: /baa/

ក្រឡា (v) to have a checkerboard pattern

IPA: /krɑlaa/

ជាប់ៗ (v) to have a speech impediment (such as stuttering or stammering)

IPA: /coap-coap/

អន់ (adj) to be weak, decrepit; weakened, diminished, decreased; to be inferior, poor; to be shallow, superficial; to have done poorly (e.g. in grades at school).

IPA: /ʔɑn/

មានការងារ to have a job, to be employed.

IPA: /mienkaaŋie/ stems: មាន ការងារ

ស្ដុក (adj) (of vegetation) to be luxuriant, thick, dense; to have wealth

IPA: /sdok/

ចាប់បាន to have caught.

IPA: /capbaanɔɔ/ stems: ចាប់ បាន

មានទំនុក to have good reason to

IPA: /mientumnuk/ stems: ទំនុក មាន

ទុកចិត្ត to have confidence (in), to trust.

to trust, to have confidence in.

IPA: /------cət/ stems: ចិត្ត ទុក

ពឹងផ្អែក to depend on, to have recourse to.

IPA: /ទៅលើ::pɨŋpʔaektɨv~tohlǝǝ/ stems: ពឹង ផ្អែក

រលាយ (adj) to be dissolved, digested, mixed; to have vanished, be destroyed

IPA: /rɔliey/

វិវាទ (v) to have a quarrel

IPA: /viʔviet/

ទប់ទល់ to endure, withstand, hold out; to defend; to bar the way; to resist, repulse; to oppose, confront; to have just enough (resources) to support (one's family)

IPA: /tuptʊəl/ stems: ទប់ ទល់

ពោរ (adj) to have risen / overflowed; to be rising up to the rim / bank (as the water level); to be full, overflowing

IPA: /poo/

ធូរធារ to have an easy life, be well off

IPA: /tʰuutʰie/ stems: ធូរ ធារ

សេព (v) to maintain relations, carry on a friendship; to associate; to have sexual relations

IPA: /saep/

អត់មាន to be out of, not to have

IPA: /ʔɑtmien/ stems: មាន អត់

ឃ្លាំ (v) to be on the watch for, observe; to lie in wait for; to waylay; to have a good look at, inspect

IPA: /kloam/

គ្មានអ្វី to have nothing.

IPA: /kmienʔvǝy/ stems: គ្មាន អ្វី

រាប់អាន to have consideration for someone, be friendly with; to esteem, respect, like (esp. people)

IPA: /roapʔaan/ stems: អាន រាប់

ជប់លៀង to have a party, hold a feast / banquet; banquet, party

IPA: /cupliǝŋ/ stems: លៀង ជប់

បះបោរ to have an uprising / riot / strike; to protest, rebel, revolt, oppose; to organize a riot / mutiny / protest

IPA: /bahbao/ stems: បះ បោរ

មានគ្រោះថ្នាក់ to be dangerous; to have an accident

IPA: /mienkrʊəktnak/ stems: គ្រោះថ្នាក់ មាន

សំអាង (v) to state positively; to say in one's defence, argue in justification; to guarantee; to have proof

IPA: /sɑmʔaaŋ/

គ្រុន (v) to have a fever

IPA: /krun/

ប្រសាទ (v) to satisfy, to have satisfaction.

រអា (v) to shrink from doing something, cringe at the thought of doing something; to have learned one's lesson, to no longer dare, to fear suffering failure a second time; to be fed up with, sick and tired of

IPA: /rɔʔaa/

ពេញវ័យ to have reached adulthood / the age of consent

IPA: /pɨɲ------/ stems: ពេញ វ័យ

អ៊ូអរ (adj) to be crowded, filled with people; to be noisy; to have a lot of traffic..

ផឹកស៊ី to have a banquet, eat and drink SYNONYM: ស៊ីផឹក

IPA: /pʰək~pʰɑksii/ stems: ផឹក ស៊ី

ឆ្កួត (adj) to be crazy, insane; drunk, intoxicated; foolish; rabid; in a frenzy; to have a passion for, be crazy about.

IPA: /ckuət/

ព្រឹល (adj) to have blurred vision, not to see clearly

IPA: /prɨl/

មានរឿង to have a fight, be involved in a lawsuit

to have trouble (with someone); to clash, be in conflict

IPA: /mienrɨəŋ/ stems: រឿង មាន

លាប់ (v) to have a relapse, begin to ache again, deteriorate in health

(v) to have too much (of something).

IPA: /loap/

រម (adj) to be secondary (as an animal's horn, a flower bud, or a flower that grows behind, along side, or on the same spot as a former one); to have secondary importance; to come after.

IPA: /rɔɔm/

ឈឺក្បាល to have a headache

IPA: /cʰɨɨkbaal/ stems: ឈឺ ក្បាល

ចាំង (adj) (of male wild cattle) to have white spotted feet

IPA: /caŋ/

បានឮ to have heard.

IPA: /baanɔɔlɨɨ/ stems: បាន ឮ

ទើបនឹង to have just done something

IPA: /təəpnɨŋ/ stems: នឹង ទើប

មើលងាយ (p) to mistreat, to scorn, to mock, to despise, to have contempt for someone.

IPA: /məəlŋiey/

រួចផុត to be liberated, freed, finished with, to have no more responsibilities; to escape, get free; to avoid

IPA: /ruəcpʰot/ stems: ផុត រួច

លីង (v) to have a pain in the lower back.

IPA: /liiŋ/

ធំដុំ to be large, great, main, remarkable, important; serious; self-important / arrogant person eg. មានសារៈសំខាន់ធំដុំ . to have enormous significance

IPA: /tʰomdom/ stems: ធំ ដុំ

ចុក (v) to have a cramp; hurt internally, ache

IPA: /cok/

កន្ត្រាក់ (v) to jerk away, snatch; to pull, tug; to contract; to have a spasm

IPA: /kɑntrak/

មិនបាច់ not to have / need to, not to be necessary

IPA: /mɨnbac/ stems: បាច់ មិន

បែកក្បាល to have one's skull fractured or shattered.

IPA: /baekkbaal/ stems: បែក ក្បាល

មានផ្ទៃ (of land) to have an area of ...; (of fabrics) to have a background (color) of ...

IPA: /mienptey/ stems: មាន ផ្ទៃ

រាក់បាត to have (bleeding) hemorrhoids

IPA: /reakbaat/ stems: បាត រាក់

មានវិបត្តិ to have a crisis.

IPA: /mienviʔbat~viʔpattiʔ/ stems: វិបត្តិ មាន

មានហេតុ to have troubles / problems

IPA: /mienhaet/ stems: ហេតុ មាន

សាល់ (adj) to have had enough, be afraid to do (something) lest one suffer another failure; to be tamed

IPA: /sal/

យកកូន to plan to have a child

IPA: /yɔɔkɑɑkoon/ stems: កូន យក

មានសំណាង to be lucky, to have good luck.

IPA: /miensɑmnaaŋ/ stems: សំណាង មាន

មានប្រៀប to be the deciding (vote); to have the most weight (e.g. as someone's words)

IPA: /mienpriəp/ stems: ប្រៀប មាន

ថយក្រោយ to back up, step back; to decrease; to have a set-back, relapse; to be retarded

IPA: /tʰɑɑykraoy/ stems: ក្រោយ ថយ

មានសំឡេង to have a say in something, have a vote

IPA: /miensɑmleɛŋ/ stems: មាន សំឡេង

រោល (v) to roast, barbecue, singe; to heat / warm up (at a fire); to get sun-burned, to irritate; to have a rash / irritation (due to allergy).

IPA: /rool/

សំរេច (v) to decide, make a decision; to be determined to do something, resolve; to succeed, attain, achieve; to produce results; to have finished / concluded; to conclude, complete n decision, law (esp. one issued by the Council of Ministers); conclusion

មានកម្ម to be unlucky (esp. as a result of some previous bad deed); to have unexpiated bad deeds in one's past

IPA: /mienkam~kammeaʔorkammaʔ/ stems: មាន កម្ម

មានផ្លូវ to have hope, have a chance

IPA: /mienpləv/ stems: ផ្លូវ មាន

ផ្សងព្រេង to take a risk / chance, be adventurous; to have an adventure

IPA: /psɑɑŋpreeŋ/ stems: ព្រេង ផ្សង

មានកំណត់ to have limits.

មានទ្រព្យ to have wealth, be rich, wealthy

IPA: /mientroap/ stems: ទ្រព្យ មាន

បានឱកាស to have the opportunity (e.g. to do something)

IPA: /baanɔɔʔaokaah/ stems: បាន ឱកាស

ទាល់ច្រក to have no alternatives, to be stuck, at an impasse

IPA: /toalcrɑɑk/ stems: ច្រក ទាល់

ឆ្លងទន្លេ to have a baby, give birth (lit. `to cross the river')

IPA: /clɑɑŋtʊənlee/ stems: ទន្លេ ឆ្លង

រល (adj) to be discolored / darkened (as a bruise); to have a haggard expression

IPA: /rɔɔl/

ក្លែម (v) to have a little something to eat with a drink, have a snack.

IPA: /klaem/

មានចិត្ត to be ready to give a helping hand; to be kind, helpful, sensitive to the needs of others; to have a conscience

IPA: /miencət/ stems: ចិត្ត មាន

រាន់ (v) to have an uncontrollable urge to have a bowel movement; to lay an egg

IPA: /roan/

រាក (v) to come out so fast or suddenly as to be impossible to stop (used with special reference to bodily functions); to have diarrhea

IPA: /riek/

ចាវ (v) to be even (in cards, to have a hand of the same value as another player), break even (in gambling)

IPA: /caav/

កុយ (v) to have sexual intercourse

IPA: /koy/

មានយោបល់ to have an opinion.

IPA: /mienyoobɑl/ stems: យោបល់ មាន

ថប់ (adj) to be suffocating, out of breath, not to have enough air; to be stuffy; to be stifling

(v) to consider, suppose; to fear that (something will happen); to have a negative premonition about.

IPA: /tʰɑp/

ព្រឺ (v) to have goose flesh / goose bumps

IPA: /prɨɨ/

គាំងបេះដូង to have a heart attack

IPA: /keaŋbehdooŋ/ stems: បេះដូង គាំង

ស៊យ (adj) to be unlucky; to have bad luck

IPA: /sɔɔy/

ជាប់កិច្ចសន្យា to have a committment, to have contracted to do something; on contract

IPA: /coapkəcsɑnyaa/ stems: ជាប់ កិច្ចសន្យា

កេះ (n) kind of deer or mountain-goat renowned for its horns which are believed to have medicinal powers

IPA: /keh/

ស៊ីគ្នា to be in harmony, be appropriate to one another, harmonize; to have similar ideas; to match (as an outfit of clothes)

IPA: /siiknie/ stems: ស៊ី គ្នា

ស្រេក (v) to have a strong desire / longing (for something); to lust after

IPA: /sreek/

ត្រូវលើ to have a turn, be someone's turn This year, it's my turn to prepare the New Year's festivities.

IPA: /trəvlǝǝ/ stems: លើ ត្រូវ

មានស្នាម to have a bad record

IPA: /miensnaam/ stems: ស្នាម មាន

ស្រណោះ (v) to have pity on; to be nostalgic, homesick; to miss, yearn for; to regret

IPA: /srɑnɑh/

វក់ (v) to rage, storm, rave; to have a fit

IPA: /vʊək/

បាក់ស្បាត to be afraid (of suffering a defeat again), not to dare to do something again, to have learned one's lesson; to give up a struggle

IPA: /baksbaat/ stems: បាក់ ស្បាត

ជម្ពូ (n) rose-apple tree (Syzygium Jambos; it has white or red edible fruit and is commonly believed to have power over evil spirits)

IPA: /cumpuu/

រាករូស to have a bad case of diarrhea

IPA: /riekruuh/ stems: រាក រូស

មានស្មារតី to have presence of mind, have one's wits about one

IPA: /miensmaadǝy~smaardǝy/ stems: មាន ស្មារតី

លាស (v) to have a pain (in the chest)

IPA: /lieh/

ឥតមាន to lack, not to have SYNONYM: គ្មាន

IPA: /ʔet~ʔǝtmien/ stems: មាន ឥត

ធ្លាក់ស to have albuminuria

IPA: /tleaksɑɑ/ stems: ស ធ្លាក់

បុកគ្នា to collide (e.g. of automobiles); to have sexual intercourse

IPA: /bokknie/ stems: បុក គ្នា

រកាំ (adj) (of the eyes) to have an irritation, be irritated; to be annoyed

IPA: /rɔkam/

ត្រួសត្រាយ to clear (e.g. a forest); to pioneer; to have a trial run

IPA: /truəhtraay/ stems: ត្រួស ត្រាយ

ឆួល (v) to have a burning / tickling sensation in the nose

IPA: /cʰuəl/

ស្រៀវ (v) to be sensitive (as the teeth to cold or heat); to have a chill, to shiver; to cower, be afraid; to be cowed

IPA: /sriev/

ប្រកបមុខរបរ to have an occupation

IPA: /prɑkɑɑpmukrɔbɑɑ/ stems: ប្រកប មុខរបរ

មានថ្មី to have a love affair

to have a new one

IPA: /mientməy/ stems: មាន ថ្មី

មានប្រៀបលើ to have the advantage over, have the upper hand

IPA: /mienpriəplǝǝ/ stems: លើ មានប្រៀប

ទើស (adj) to be in the way; to be hampered / hindered / stopped by; to be pressed / squeezed (against); not to have enough space to do something; to have difficulty

IPA: /təəh/

មានគុណ to have done good deeds; to be grateful

IPA: /mienkun/ stems: មាន គុណ

មានពិស to have power / influence

IPA: /mienpɨh/ stems: ពិស មាន

រាសីឡើង to have good luck

IPA: /riesəylaəŋ/ stems: ឡើង រាសី

គ្រប់ការ to have reached the age of puberty / be marriageable (of girls), fully developed

IPA: /krupkaa/ stems: គ្រប់ ការ

ក្រហល់ (adj) to have a burning pain (esp. after eating spicy foods); painful (of a burn); angry, irritated, frustrated, nervous

IPA: /krɑhɑl/

ឈ្នានីស (v) to envy, be jealous; to have evil designs on.

IPA: /cnieniih/

ទំរាំ (v) to have patience, bide one's time

ខួច (n) khuac (small earthenware or porcelain vessel; often used for storing oil that is believed to have magical properties)

IPA: /kʰuəc/

សហាយ (v) to have a love affair

IPA: /saʔhaay/

ឈឺពោះ to have a stomach ache

IPA: /cʰɨɨpʊəh/ stems: ឈឺ ពោះ

ពេញការ to be capable of doing work; to be an adult, to have reached marriageable age

IPA: /pɨɲkaa/ stems: ពេញ ការ

អស់ចិត្ត to have had enough of, be fed up with; to give up (stop hoping); to be content / satisfied with; to forget about, not to care

IPA: /ʔɑhcət/ stems: ចិត្ត អស់

រអាក់រអួល (adj) to have difficulties, be faced with troubles, have a difficult time; to be troubled, anguished

IPA: /rɔʔak-rɔʔuəl/

ប្លែកភ្នែក to be surprised; to have a different appearance, to be surprising

IPA: /plaek------/ stems: ភ្នែក ប្លែក

ក្តុក (adj) to be shocked, startled; to have a heavy heart / a sinking feeling

IPA: /kdok/

អស់ទាំង to have nothing left, be wiped out

IPA: /ʔɑhteaŋ/ stems: ទាំង អស់

បានប្រៀប to have an advantage SYNONYM: មានប្រៀប

IPA: /baanɔɔpriəp/ stems: ប្រៀប បាន

រាប់គ្នា to have friendly relations with one another

IPA: /roapknie/ stems: រាប់ គ្នា

សៀត (v) to fall ill suddenly; to have sudden stabbing / sharp pains (in the abdomen)

IPA: /siǝt/

រលើប (adj) to have a shiny / glossy / moist / greasy surface

IPA: /rɔləəp/

ជល់មាន់ to have a cock fight

IPA: /cʊəlmoan/ stems: មាន់ ជល់

ដេកមិនលក់ to have insomnia.

IPA: /deɛkmɨnlʊək/ stems: ដេក លក់ មិន

ស្រស់ស្រូប to eat (esp. breakfast) ; to have a snack, eat a light meal

IPA: /srɑhsroop/ stems: ស្រូប ស្រស់

ឈឺចិត្ត to have one's feelings hurt, have a broken heart, feel sick at heart, to be greatly distressed / in mental anguish; to be annoyed, vexed; humiliated

IPA: /cʰɨɨcət/ stems: ឈឺ ចិត្ត

ប្រកបរបរចិញ្ចឹមជីវិត to have a profession; to earn / make a living

IPA: /prɑkɑɑprɔbɑɑ------------cəɲcəmciivɨtdaoy------kam~kammeaʔorkammaʔ/ stems: ចិញ្ចឹមជីវិត ប្រកបរបរ

រដុប (adj) to have a surface composed of numerous small bumps or projections, be rough, bumpy; to be lying scattered around, strewn in a group (as the islands in an archipelago); to be widespread

IPA: /rɔdop/

រវល់ការ to be busy, preoccupied, occupied; to have an affair to attend to

IPA: /rɔvʊəlkaa/ stems: ការ រវល់

មានស្នៀត to have a concubine / lover (of men or women)

to have a scheme

to have support

IPA: /miensniǝt/ stems: ស្នៀត មាន

កើតរោគ to have a disease.

IPA: /kaətrook/ stems: កើត រោគ

ចុកពោះ to have a stomach-ache / the colic

IPA: /cokpʊəh/ stems: ពោះ ចុក

ត្រអាល (v) to have a good time, amuse oneself, rejoice in; to exult.

IPA: /trɑʔaal/

មានឋានៈជា to have the status of

IPA: /mientʰaanaʔcie/ stems: ឋានៈ ជា មាន

ធ្វើព្រងើយ to have no interest in, pay no attention to

IPA: /tvəəprɔŋəəy/ stems: ធ្វើ ព្រងើយ

ធ្វើធំ to be important, have high status; to have a high position

IPA: /tvəətʰom/ stems: ធំ ធ្វើ

ធ្វើមុខ to make a face; to put on makeup; to have a face-lift

IPA: /tvəəmuk/ stems: ធ្វើ មុខ

កខិត (v) to have a little scratch (e.g. on a new car)

IPA: /kɑkʰət/

បែកកង់ to have a flat tire

IPA: /baekkaŋ/ stems: កង់ បែក

បែកមែក to grow / spread out luxuriantly; to branch out; to have numerous offspring

IPA: /baekmɛɛk/ stems: បែក មែក

ប្រកាច់ (v) to have a spasm / convulsion / seizure; to writhe (in pain), twitch.

ជាប់មាត់ to have difficulty pronouncing words, have a speech impediment

IPA: /coapmoat/ stems: ជាប់ មាត់

ងងឹតស្លុង to have a blackout; be stymied, mentally stuck

IPA: /ŋɔŋɨtsloŋ/ stems: ស្លុង ងងឹត

ត្រាប្រណី (v) to pardon, overlook, tolerate ; to have compassion for.

IPA: /traaprɑnəy/

បាក់ឆ្អឹង to have a fractured bone

IPA: /bakcʔəŋ/ stems: ឆ្អឹង បាក់

ភ្នក (v) to think about / ponder (momentarily); to have a sudden inspiration / hunch

IPA: /pnɔɔk/

ថ្លោះ (adj) to have a sprain, be sprained / twisted / dislocated

IPA: /tlɑh/

រលូតកូន to have a miscarriage

IPA: /rɔluutkoon/ stems: កូន រលូត

ពេញបន្ទុក to have much work, be loaded with work

IPA: /pɨɲbɑntuk/ stems: បន្ទុក ពេញ

បាត់ប្រាក់ to lose money, to have one's money stolen, to be robbed (of money).

IPA: /batprak/ stems: បាត់ ប្រាក់

ឈឺក to have a pain in the neck.

IPA: /cʰɨɨkɑɑ/ stems: ឈឺ ក

រអៀស (v) to have a guilty conscience, feel ashamed; to worry

IPA: /rɔʔiəh/

មានរបប to have good manners

IPA: /mienrɔbɑɑp/ stems: មាន របប

រួមសង្វាស to have sexual intercourse ; to live together as husband and wife

IPA: /ruəmsɑŋvaah~saŋvaah/ stems: សង្វាស រួម