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កម្មករ worker, laborer

IPA: /kam~kammeaʔorkammaʔkɑɑ/ stems: កម្ម ករ

កម្ម (n) action, act, deed; activity; object; consequence / result (esp. of a past deed), karma (the doctrine that good conduct brings good results in this or subsequent lives), fate; actions / thoughts (esp. of an evil nature in a prior existence which produce effects in a subsequent existence)

(n) manual work

(n) object, complement (grammar)

IPA: /kam~kammeaʔorkammaʔ/

ករ (n) hand

noun suffix in words of Indic origin where it indicates the agent or doer of an action, e.g. កម្មករ `worker,' កសិករ `farmer'

IPA: /kɑɑ/

សហជីពកម្មករ trade union, factory worker's union

IPA: /saʔhaʔciipkam~kammeaʔorkammaʔkɑɑ/ stems: សហជីព កម្មករ

ធ្វើកម្មករ to be a worker

IPA: /tvəəkam~kammeaʔorkammaʔkɑɑ/ stems: កម្មករ ធ្វើ

ពួកកម្មករ workers

IPA: /puəkkam~kammeaʔorkammaʔkɑɑ/ stems: ពួក កម្មករ

កម្មករនាវា sailor, crew member

sailor, worker on a ship

IPA: /kam~kammeaʔorkammaʔkɑɑnievie/ stems: នាវា កម្មករ

កម្មករសហជីព union member

IPA: /kam~kammeaʔorkammaʔkɑɑsaʔhaʔciip/ stems: សហជីព កម្មករ

ទាសកម្មករ slaves and laborers

IPA: /tiehkam~kammeaʔorkammaʔkɑɑ/ stems: ទាស កម្មករ

បក្សកម្មករ labor / workers party

IPA: /pakkam~kammeaʔorkammaʔkɑɑ/ stems: បក្ស កម្មករ

អដវីកម្មករ laborer who works in the forest.

IPA: /ʔaʔdaʔviikam~kammeaʔorkammaʔkɑɑ/ stems: អដវី កម្មករ

សមាគមកម្មករ labor union SYNONYM: សហភាព កម្មករ

IPA: /saʔmaakumkam~kammeaʔorkammaʔkɑɑ/ stems: សមាគម កម្មករ