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English to Khmer
car (noun) (an automobile, a railroad car of a specified type, any vehicle on wheels, the part of a balloon or airship for carrying people) fast car ឡាន (រថយន្ដ)

(noun) ទូ
ex: elevator car
Khmer to English
ធ្វើ (v) to do, make, work, carry out, perform; to prepare / fix (e.g. a meal); to repair (a car); to clean (fish); to build, compose; to work / cultivate (a field); to work / act / serve as; to pretend to be

IPA: /tvəə/

វ៉ា (v) to pass (e.g. another car), overtake; to outdistance, leave behind

IPA: /vaa/

ឡាន (n) automobile, car

IPA: /laan/

ឆេះ (v) to start up (of a car)

IPA: /cʰeh/

ចត (v) to stop / halt; to park (a car), land (a plane), berth / dock / tie up (a boat); to camp; to station temporarily (troops); to place

IPA: /cɑɑt/

រថ (n) vehicle; car, carriage, cart, chariot (formal; usually in composition)

IPA: /rʊət/

ជួស (v) to pass (while moving in an opposite direction as an oncoming car) Surin

IPA: /cuəh/

បញ្ឆេះ (v) to start a fire, set on fire; to kindle, ignite; to switch on (a car's) ignition, start a car's motor

IPA: /bɑɲcʰeh/

រលត់ (v) to go out (as a fire / lamp); to stall (of a car); to die (down), disappear, fade away

IPA: /rɔlʊət/

ផ្ដាច់ (v) to pass (e.g. another car)

IPA: /pdac/

ហ្វារ (n) beacon, lighthouse; headlight(s) (of a car)

IPA: /faa/

បើករថយន្ត to drive a car.

IPA: /baəkrʊətyʊən/ stems: បើក រថយន្ត

រថក្រោះ tank , armored car

IPA: /rʊətkrɑh/ stems: រថ ក្រោះ

ជិះឡាន to ride in a car.

IPA: /cihlaan/ stems: ជិះ ឡាន

ទើរ (adj) to be held, detained; to be stuck (e.g. as a car in a traffic jam or as a fallen leaf in the branches of a tree); to be jammed; to be interrupted in the middle of something.

IPA: /təə/

ធុងទឹក (car) radiator; bucket; tank

IPA: /tʰuŋtɨk/ stems: ទឹក ធុង

ឃ្លុប (n) hatch (on a boat); trunk (of a car)

IPA: /klup/

រថយន្តដើរ car in working order

IPA: /rʊətyʊəndaə/ stems: ដើរ រថយន្ត

កខិត (v) to have a little scratch (e.g. on a new car)

IPA: /kɑkʰət/

តាមឡាន to go by car; to go after a car

IPA: /taamlaan/ stems: ឡាន តាម

ប្រអប់លេខ transmission (e.g. in a car)

IPA: /prɑʔɑpleek/ stems: លេខ ប្រអប់

យុគន្ធរ (n) supporting bar or pole, anything that is used to maintain the position of two things such as the axle of a car that supports and keeps the wheels in position

IPA: /yuʔkʊəntʰoa/

កុងតាក់ (n) ignition switch (of a car), (electrical) switch

IPA: /koŋtak/

ឡានឈ្នួល passenger bus, rented car

IPA: /laancnuəl/ stems: ឈ្នួល ឡាន

រថយន្តក្រឡាប់ overturned car.

IPA: /rʊətyʊənkrɑlap/ stems: ក្រឡាប់ រថយន្ត

អ្នកកាន់ចង្កូត driver (of a car), helmsman, pilot, navagator.

IPA: /neakkancɑŋkoot/ stems: កាន់ចង្កូត អ្នក

កាប៉ូ (n) hood (of a car)

IPA: /kaapoo/

បរឡាន to drive a car. SYNONYM: បររថយន្ត, បើកឡាន, បើករថយន្ត

IPA: /bɑɑlaan/ stems: ឡាន បរ

ស្គុត (n) (military) scout car

IPA: /skut/

ឡានធំ bus, truck ( 'large car.')

IPA: /laantʰom/ stems: ឡាន ធំ

កូនឡាន toy car / truck

IPA: /koonlaan/ stems: កូន ឡាន

គូទឡាន rear of a car

IPA: /kuutlaan/ stems: គូទ ឡាន

ដូរឡាន to trade in a car, buy a new car

IPA: /doolaan/ stems: ឡាន ដូរ

សំបុត្រឡាន car registration

IPA: /sɑmbotlaan/ stems: សំបុត្រ ឡាន

ឈឹប (i) swishing sound made by an arrow in flight or by car wheels

IPA: /cʰɨp/

កិនគេ to run over someone (as with a car); to blame

IPA: /kənkee/ stems: គេ កិន

ទ្រុល (adv) suddenly and densely (as a cloud of smoke from a car that has just been started)

IPA: /trul/

ខូចឡាន to break down (of a car)

IPA: /kʰooclaan/ stems: ឡាន ខូច

ទូរយាន travel by cable car, overhead cable transport

IPA: /tuuyien/ stems: យាន ទូរ

បុរេរថ (n) lead vehicle, lead car (of a train); scouting vehicle, scout car

IPA: /boʔreerʊət/

ផ្តាច់ (v) to pass (e.g. another car)

IPA: /pdac/

ពន្លូក (n) overturning (s.t, such as a car).

IPA: /pʊənluuk/

រុញឡាន to push a car.

IPA: /ruɲlaan/ stems: រុញ ឡាន

រ៉ូដាស (n) breaking-in (e.g. of a new car)

IPA: /roodaah/

រថដំណេក (railroad) sleeping car

IPA: /rʊətdɑmneɛk/ stems: ដំណេក រថ

រថទំនិញ truck; (railroad) freight car

IPA: /rʊəttumnɨɲ/ stems: រថ ទំនិញ

រថពិសេស special car, cart or carriage.

IPA: /rʊətpiʔsaeh~piʔseeh/ stems: ពិសេស រថ

រថស្បៀង (railroad) dining car

IPA: /rʊətsbiǝŋ/ stems: ស្បៀង រថ

រទេះដែក (railroad) hopper car

IPA: /rɔtehdaek/ stems: រទេះ ដែក

រទេះឡាន car, automobile

IPA: /rɔtehlaan/ stems: ឡាន រទេះ

រ៉ឺណូត៍ (n) Renault (proper name; esp. a French make of car)

IPA: /rəɨnoo/

ក្ដិតឡាន trunk of a car SYNONYM: គូទឡាន

IPA: /kdətlaan/ stems: ឡាន ក្ដិត

ប្រជ្រួស (v) to bypass (each other); to pass (a car / person coming from the opposite direction).

រថបន្ទុក van, truck, station wagon; (railroad) freight car

IPA: /rʊətbɑntuk/ stems: រថ បន្ទុក

ស្លាជ្វា kind of thick black resin made from the sap of the car Tree (Butea frondosa) or gambier tree (Uncaria gambir) (it is mixed with betel leaves and chewed; the col. pronunciation is sac cvie or ʔac cvie)

IPA: /slaacvie/ stems: ស្លា ជ្វា

ឡានផ្លិត small car, compact car

IPA: /laanplət/ stems: ផ្លិត ឡាន

ក្បាំងឡាន bumper (of a car)

IPA: /kbaŋlaan/ stems: ក្បាំង ឡាន

ចង្កូតឡាន steering-wheel (of a car)

IPA: /cɑŋkootlaan/ stems: ចង្កូត ឡាន

បើករថយន្ដ to drive a car.

IPA: /baəkrʊətyʊən/

រឃុករឃាក់ (i) clattering sound (such as that of a car driving over a very rough road)

IPA: /rɔkʰuk-rɔkʰeak/

រងាក់រងើក in a bumpy manner (as a bumpy ride in a plane or other vehicle), in a bouncing manner (as a vehicle going over potholes); looking everywhere (describes the manner of someone walking around looking for some place without having a clear idea where it is); to be tossed about, shaken up; to get motion-sick (e.g. car-sick, air-sick)

IPA: /rɔŋeakrɔŋəək/ stems: រងើក រងាក់

រថយន្ដដើរ car in working order

IPA: /rʊətyʊəndaə/

រវៃរថយន្ត to use a crank to start the motor of a car

IPA: /rɔveyrʊətyʊən/ stems: រវៃ រថយន្ត

សេវាស្ថាន space which may be rented by the public (e.g. parking place for a car)

IPA: /seɛviestʰaan/ stems: សេវា ស្ថាន

ប្រណាំងឡាន car racing; to race cars. SYNONYM: ប្រណាំងរថយន្ត

IPA: /prɑnaŋlaan/ stems: ប្រណាំង ឡាន

ទូរទេះភ្លើង railroad car SYNONYM: ទូរថភ្លើង

IPA: /tuurɔtehpləəŋ/ stems: រទេះភ្លើង ទូ

បរឡានក្រឡឹង to drive a car around in a circle.

IPA: /bɑɑlaankrɑləŋ/ stems: បរឡាន ក្រឡឹង

ឡានដំបូលរឹង hard top (car)

IPA: /laandɑmboolrɨŋ/ stems: រឹង ដំបូល ឡាន

រថបានីយដ្ឋាន (railroad) refreshment car

IPA: /rʊətpaaniiyattʰaan/ stems: បានីយដ្ឋាន រថ

ស្នូលកង់រទេះ axle of a car

IPA: /snoolkaŋrɔteh/ stems: កង់ ស្នូល រទេះ

ភ្លាត់ស្មារតី to make an error of judgment, make a bad decision; to lose control (e.g. of a car) due to failure to pay attention

IPA: /ploatsmaadǝy~smaardǝy/ stems: ស្មារតី ភ្លាត់

រថភោជនីយដ្ឋាន (railroad) restaurant car.

IPA: /rʊətpʰooceaʔniiyeaʔtʰaan/ stems: រថ ភោជនីយដ្ឋាន

រថយន្ដក្រឡាប់ overturned car.

IPA: /rʊətyʊənkrɑlap/

ឡានដំបូលផ្លិត convertible (car)

IPA: /laandɑmboolplət/ stems: ដំបូល ផ្លិត ឡាន

ឡូរីអធិការកម្ម kind of small railroad car used for inspecting the tracks

IPA: /looriiʔaʔtʰiʔkaakam~kammeaʔorkammaʔ/ stems: អធិការកម្ម ឡូរី

សំបុត្រម្ចាស់ឡាន title to a car

IPA: /sɑmbotmcahlaan/ stems: ម្ចាស់ សំបុត្រ ឡាន

រថយន្តខ្ញុំបែកកង់មួយ My car has a flat tire.

IPA: /rʊətyʊənkɲombaekkaŋmuəyɔɔ/ stems: រថយន្ត កង់ មួយ បែក ខ្ញុំ